About Us

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks? My lifelong friend Dan "Hendog" Henning had a dream... He saw a donkey with aviator glasses and a classic Joe Biden cheezy grin and woke up thinking "That's gotta go on a t-shirt"...and No Dem's Dung was born.

Hi! My name is Randy Franklin. I got the call the very next day and I was like "Okay Hendog? How? Where? Who? How much? I don't know squat about how to get something like that going and it's been twenty five years since I played with photoshop". I'm an in the trenches downsides guy!

Hendog is the upsides guy. The eternal optimist! Between his iron will and the belief that if its good and right, God will make it happen, I knew right then and there this was going to happen!

Here's how this old remodeler sees it... God has blessed us each with a measure of potential and leaves it up to us to develop our skills and abilities and use them for His glory, which is almost always about giving of ourselves for the benefit of others.

Our beloved country is under attack from without AND within. So many are hurting and in many different ways. Even if our designs make people laugh or start a conversation that sends someone to the polls, we've succeeded.

We offer both politically correct AND incorrect designs. We've both been around the block a few times and our sense of humor can be a bit over-the-top, so allow me to apologize upfront to the more sensitive among you. That said, I'm confident you'll find plenty that IS to your liking!

We hope to see you at a rally or two, sporting your No Dem's Dung apparel!!